Best Cheap Gaming Chair: Buying Guide, Reviews

Gaming is often associated to be a fun, cool and stylish hobby among youngsters nowadays. Many consider the victory in the virtual world worth a talent. Often it is these gaming sessions that act as a complete stress buster.

Nowadays, with entrepreneurship dominating the world economy, many startups prefer having gaming marathons and gaming contests, to develop a friendly office environment and also serve as a stress buster.

With increasing trends in this domain, the gaming accessories are yet again catching top spots as luxury yet trendy possessions. There are several mental benefits of gaming like relief from anxiety, stress, better concentration, memory and even longer hours of attention span. These benefits are equally outwitted by the physical effects. Back pain, neck pain, headaches, a stiff body, excess fat deposits especially around the waist, are all the side effects associated with gaming.

Considering the harm, the Gaming chairs came as a perfect solution. With extra features and designs inspired by gaming, these became a hit, even before their entrance into the market.

Through this article, we hope to establish an unbiased review of all kinds of gaming chairs available in the market, their user reviews and features. Apart from these, we also provide you with certain tips to choose the right one for yourself.

What to look for in a Gaming Chair

  1. Seat height adjustment

Often the height of the chair determines the stress you put on your neck and eyes. Usually, it is important to have a line of sight parallel to the ground. If not, it should be just a little above. This targets your neck muscles and long hours of gaming as elevated levels from the chair would result in severe neck and shoulder pains.

  1. Seat depth and seat pan adjusting are essential for relaxing the legs. The circulation in legs is essential to prevent any numbness or tickling sensations during intense gaming sessions.
  2. Adjustable Armrests to help ease the weight of the shoulders
  3. The backrest is required to relieve the back muscles. Lumbar provide extra support to the lower back.
  4. Compatibility with extra gadgets: with the rise of the gaming world, new games are released frequently, and they require higher versions of gaming accessories. So it would be wise enough to invest in a versatile gaming chair, once and for all.
  5. The Coolness factor: setting the ideal gaming zone in your home, can be one of the stylish possessions ever. Having a trendy gaming chair with loaded features and a futuristic design is the best thing you can gift to the gamer in you.
  6. Value for money: everyone likes to have something worth more than the price tag. That way there are many companies that have earned customer support through budget-friendly products with loaded features. Among such Gaming chair producing companies are X Rocker and DXRacer.

Review of the best gaming chairs in the market

Types of Gaming Chairs:

1.    Rocker Gaming Chair

Designed to sit directly on the floor, they have no legs or wheels. The super comfort is mainly due to the L shape of the Rocker Gaming chairs. They are best suited when your gaming console and the screen is placed low. They offer a wide range of inbuilt features based on the model you choose. Wireless systems, Memory Foam padding, RAC Stereo inputs, built-in speakers and subwoofer, and other trendy features, are just a few that give them huge credit.

X Rocker II has been the best pick in this category. The interactive Audio control is the highlight of the model. It comes with two forward-facing speakers and a subwoofer. The easily accessible panel is responsible for the sound control. The gaming thrills are accurately established by the subwoofers. Built with an exquisite ergonomic design, it features a full back support for long hours of gaming. The heavy duty vinyl black cover gives a good feel with ease of cleaning.

  1. Pedestal gaming chair: similar to rockers, these come with an extra pedestal under the seat, and hence the name. The seat height adjustments along with the swiveling around movements are the main difference from Rockers.

X Rocker 51396 Pro series Pedestal 2.1 Video gaming chair is our top pick. A perfect choice for gaming teams, you can connect multiple chairs for a wireless gaming experience. The chair allows easier shift between different elevation levels and to swivel and tilts instantly. The built-in control panel delivers a dedicated volume and bass control. The looks are a major showstopper.

  1. PC Gaming Chair: it is similar to a normal computer chair or office chair, but built for gaming. The headset, lumber pad, comfortable armrests owe to the superior ergonomics involved.

Ficmax PC Gaming Chair is a high-backed ergonomic chair. Those vulnerable to back pains and stiff necks often, this is a perfect choice. The padded executive racing style design, with complete headrest pillow and lumbar pillow, ensure ultimate comfort. The free USB electric massager, make it useful as a massaging chair as well. The pulsation effect from implant massaging functions relieves cramps and elevate the comfort levels. The extra side supports keep your long gaming sessions completely relaxed.


  1. Racer Gaming Chairs: if racing is your domain of gaming, this is the right choice. The steering wheel, pedals, and shift knob are all part of the virtual reality. The realistic accessories instill a sense of the game in the environment. Setting the right mood for ultimate racing, this type of gaming chair has a huge fan base. The coolest of all models come with a real race car seat. Isn’t that exciting?

DXRacer Formula Series OH/FD101/NG Racing Seat Gaming Chair is the top in this category. The fully reclining design, with a sturdy steel frame, has an edge over others in terms of durability. The breathable fabric makes the gaming experience a little more comfortable. It is the official seating for a number of pro-e-sports teams like Fnatic and complexity.

  1. Bean Bag Chairs: as the name suggests, it is the perfect lounge for gaming. Though you won’t have any of the technical features, nothing can beat the comfort level of a bean bag. It is the most budget-friendly gaming chair you can ever resort to.

Tips to choose the right gaming chair

To choose a gaming chair, fitting in your requirements and under your budget, is quite a difficult task. Consider the following tips to ensure your selection is wholesome.

  1. Durability: give the highest priority for durability of a gaming chair. This is crucial because apart from investing in gaming consoles, you would not want to spend money on buying gaming chairs repeatedly. It is good to go for a one-time investment in a gaming chair which is durable enough for years to come.
  2. Select a material that is hygroscopic in nature: given the long hours of intense gaming, we all are prone to sweating. A faux leather would stick you into the chair, hurting your skin and also the discomfort. Go for cushioned seats which changeable covers. This gives you a comfortable and fresh gaming seat.
  3. Know your requirements: while choosing a gaming chair can be cool to incorporate a racing theme or a design based on the trending game, it is essential to look for the features like input/output jacks, the integrated control, motion sensors, built-in vibrations etc. It is these features that establish a superior gaming experience.


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