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MSTB Event Management Privacy Policy, Limits of Liability, and Credit Card Compliance

We at MSTB Event Management, like most others, are very concerned about the privacy of our attendees. The following is our policy policy.

What Information we collect and how do we use it?

MSTB Event Management collects the names, addresses, phone number, e-mail address and date of birth of all of the attendees as required to complete our services to the convention owners. We use this information to give vital data about who attends the convention and to help make the conventions better in the coming years.  This information is not sold or given to anyone except as directed in this document.

We will send periodic announcements regarding new conventions we are managing, notices about conventions you have attended and the like.  You have the ability to exclude yourself from these announcements.

We also collect Credit Card information necessary to complete transactions. The Credit Card Information collected is only kept for the purpose of processing the transaction and removed when no longer needed for these purposes. Your Credit card information will NOT be kept on the site and must be entered each time you "check out".  We will keep the last four digits and the expiration date for validation purposes.

What information do we share

With Convention Owner:

MSTB Event Management will share all attendee information and transactional information collected for their convention.  This will not include credit card information as we do not keep that information.

With Other Convention Owners using MSTB Event Management:

MSTB Event Management does not share any information collected at other conventions.

With Exhibitors:

Exhibitors can rent an "Exhibitor Scanner" which allows them to scan a badge of any attendee visiting their booth. We will give them the name, address, phone number, and email address of each person they scanned. We do not share information of any Minor at the convention. They must ask you if they can scan and you have the right to refuse.

With Event Organizers:

An Event Organizer will only know your name (and alias if you specified one) and MSTB ID number. 

With Banking and Credit Card Sources:

We will share only the information that is necessary to complete a purchase.

With outside sources other then listed:

We do not share any information with outside sources.

Limits of our liability

Every effort is always given to protect the identity of attendees.  However, MSTB Event Management, their staff, customers and exhibitors are not liable if this information is released by accident, stolen, or hacked from our systems.

PCI Compliance:

MSTB Event Management follows proper PCI compliance rules when processing and handling credit cards and credit card transactions. Our systems go through a series of security checks and compliance checks monthly to confirm we are handling your transaction data safely.

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Conventions we are managing for 2016:

Genghis Con (February 2016)
February 11-24, 2016

Catan Con (Nashville, TN)
April 22-24, 2016

AnCon (Hudson, Ohio)
April 29 - May 1, 2016

Tacticon (Dever, CO)
September/October Pending

Shocka-Con (Charleston, WV)
September Dates Pending

GrandCon (Grand Rapids, MI)
September 16-18, 2016

CharCon (Charleston, WV)
October Dates Pending